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Digital Health in the BMC Series - Editor's Collection

To celebrate the launch of BMC Digital Health as the newest member of the BMC Series, we have brought together a Retrospective Collection of digital health articles published by the BMC Series.


The role of telehealth during COVID-19 outbreak: a systematic review based on current evidence
Elham Monaghesh & Alireza Hajizadeh
BMC Public Health 20, 1193 (2020)

WEARCON: wearable home monitoring in children with asthma reveals a strong association with hospital based assessment of asthma control
M. R. van der Kamp, E. C. Klaver, B. J. Thio, J. M. M. Driessen, F. H. C. de Jongh, M. Tabak, J. van der Palen & H. J. Hermens
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20, 192 (2020)

Potential predictors of type-2 diabetes risk: machine learning, synthetic data and wearable health devices
Paola Stolfi, Ilaria Valentini, Maria Concetta Palumbo, Paolo Tieri, Andrea Grignolio & Filippo Castiglione
BMC Bioinformatics 20, 508 (2020)

Physical activity patterns, adherence to using a wearable activity tracker during a 12-week period and correlation between self-reported function and physical activity in working age individuals with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis
Elin Östlind, Anita Sant’Anna, Frida Eek, Kjerstin Stigmar & Eva Ekvall Hansson
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 22, 450 (2021)

The understanding, acceptability, and relevance of personalised multidimensional physical activity feedback among urban adults: evidence from a qualitative feasibility study in Sri Lanka
Carukshi Arambepola, Madhawa Perera, Fiona Gillison, Oliver Peacock & Dylan Thompson
BMC Public Health 21, 715 (2021)


Teledentistry as a novel pathway to improve dental health in school children: a research protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Mohamed Estai, Yogesan Kanagasingam, Maryam Mehdizadeh, Janardhan Vignarajan, Richard Norman, Boyen Huang, Heiko Spallek, Michelle Irving, Amit Arora, Estie Kruger & Marc Tennant
BMC Oral Health 20, 11 (2020)

Effectiveness of telemedicine for pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus: an updated meta-analysis of 32 randomized controlled trials with trial sequential analysis
Weihua Xie, Pinyuan Dai, Yu Qin, Ming Wu, Bingquan Yang & Xiaojin Yu
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 20, 198 (2020)

Assessing patient safety in a pediatric telemedicine setting: a multi-methods study
Motti Haimi, Shuli Brammli-Greenberg, Orna Baron-Epel & Yehezkel Waisman
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20, 63 (2020)

Two-way messaging therapy for depression and anxiety: longitudinal response trajectories
Thomas D. Hull, Matteo Malgaroli, Philippa S. Connolly, Seth Feuerstein & Naomi M. Simon
BMC Psychiatry 20, 297 (2020)

Home-based telemonitoring versus hospital admission in high risk pregnancies: a qualitative study on women's experiences
J. F. M. van den Heuvel, C. J. Teunis, A. Franx, N. M. T. H. Crombag & M. N. Bekker
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 20, 77 (2020)

e- and m-Health

Evaluating an app-guided self-test for influenza: lessons learned for improving the feasibility of study designs to evaluate self-tests for respiratory viruses
Monica L. Zigman Suchsland, Ivan Rahmatullah, Barry Lutz, Victoria Lyon, Shichu Huang, Enos Kline, Chelsey Graham, Shawna Cooper, Philip Su, Sam Smedinghoff, Helen Y. Chu, Kara Sewalk, John S. Brownstein & Matthew J. Thompson on behalf of Seattle Flu Study investigators
BMC Infectious Diseases 21, 617 (2021)

Tracking physical activity using smart phone apps: assessing the ability of a current app and systematically collecting patient recommendations for future development
J. Murphy, T. Uttamlal, K. A. Schmidtke, I. Vlaev, D. Taylor, M. Ahmad, S. Alsters, P. Purkayastha, S. Scholtz, R. Ramezani, A. R. Ahmed, H. Chahal, A. Darzi & A. I. F. Blakemore
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20, 17 (2020)

E-health literacy and associated factors among chronic patients in a low-income country: a cross-sectional survey
Kirubel Biruk Shiferaw, Binyam Chakilu Tilahun, Berhanu Fikadie Endehabtu, Monika Knudsen Gullslett & Shegaw Anagaw Mengiste
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20, 181 (2020)

Effectiveness of mobile text reminder in improving adherence to medication, physical exercise, and quality of life in patients living with HIV: a systematic review
Sam Chidi Ibeneme, Sandra C. Ndukwu, Hellen Myezwa, Franklin Onyedinma Irem, Fortune Elochukwu Ezenwankwo, Adedayo Tunde Ajidahun, Amarachi D. Ezuma, Amaka Nnamani, Obinna Onodugo, Gerhard Fortwengel & Victor C. Uwakwe
BMC Infectious Diseases 21, 859 (2021)

An app for supporting older people receiving home care - usage, aspects of health and health literacy: a quasi-experimental study
Carina Göransson, Yvonne Wengström, Maria Hälleberg-Nyman, Ann Langius-Eklöf, Kristina Ziegert & Karin Blomberg
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20, 226 (2020)

Virtual Reality

A systematic review of the use of virtual reality or dental smartphone applications as interventions for management of paediatric dental anxiety
Andrea Cunningham, Orlagh McPolin, Richard Fallis, Catherine Coyle, Paul Best & Gerald McKenna
BMC Oral Health 21, 244 (2021)

To measure the amount of ocular deviation in strabismus patients with an eye-tracking virtual reality headset
Po-Han Yeh, Chun-Hsiu Liu, Ming-Hui Sun, Sheng-Chu Chi & Yih-Shiou Hwang
BMC Ophthalmology 21, 246 (2021)

Development of an 360-degree virtual reality video-based immersive cycle training system for physical enhancement in older adults: a feasibility study
Namsu Lee, Wonjae Choi & Seungwon Lee
BMC Geriatrics 21, 325 (2021)

Validation of a novel virtual reality simulation system with the focus on training for surgical dissection during laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy
Takashi Mori, Koji Ikeda, Nobuyoshi Takeshita, Koichi Teramura & Masaaki Ito
BMC Surgery 22, 12 (2022)

Effect of virtual reality distraction on pain and anxiety during infiltration anesthesia in pediatric patients: a randomized clinical trial
Osama M. Felemban, Rawan M. Alshamrani, Doha H. Aljeddawi & Sara M. Bagher
BMC Oral Health 21, 321 (2021)


Health literacy, digital literacy and eHealth literacy in Danish nursing students at entry and graduate level: a cross sectional study
Kamila Adellund Holt, Dorthe Overgaard, Lisbeth Vinberg Engel & Lars Kayser
BMC Nursing 19, 22 (2020)

Risk management-based security evaluation model for telemedicine systems
Dong-won Kim, Jin-young Choi & Keun-hee Han
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20, 106 (2020)

Undergraduate dental students' perspective on the implementation of digital dentistry in the preclinical curriculum: a questionnaire survey
Maximiliane Amelie Schlenz, Karin Michel, Kerstin Wegner, Alexander Schmidt, Peter Rehmann & Bernd Wöstmann
BMC Oral Health 20, 78 (2020)

Online patient simulation training to improve clinical reasoning: a feasibility randomised controlled trial
Ruth Plackett, Angelos P. Kassianos, Maria Kambouri, Natasha Kay, Sophie Mylan, Jenny Hopwood, Patricia Schartau, Shani Gray, Jessica Timmis, Sarah Bennett, Chris Valerio, Veena Rodrigues, Emily Player, Willie Hamilton, Rosalind Raine, Stephen Duffy & Jessica Sheringham
BMC Medical Education 20, 245 (2020)

Requiring smartphone ownership for mHealth interventions: who could be left out?
Krishna K. Bommakanti, Laramie L. Smith, Lin Liu, Diana Do, Jazmine Cuevas-Mota, Kelly Collins, Fatima Munoz, Timothy C. Rodwell & Richard S. Garfein
BMC Public Health 20, 81 (2020)