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Open for Submissions

Humanization of healthcare in the era of AI

Guest Editors:
Maurice Mulvenna, BSc (Hons), PgCert, MPhil, PhD, FHEA, SMACM, Ulster University, UK
John Martin O’Donoghue, BSc, MSc, PhD, University College Cork, Ireland

Submission Status: Open until 15 April 2025

The role of large language models in revolutionizing digital health

Guest Editors:
Abeed Sarker, PhD, Emory University, USA
Lina F. Soualmia, PhD, University of Rouen Normandie, France
Honghan Wu, PhD, University of Glasgow, UK

Submission Status: Open until 24 March 2025

Digital health in rare diseases

Guest Editors:
Jannik Schaaf, Dr. rer. med., Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Michele Zoch, Dipl. -Wi. -Inf., TUD Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Submission Status: Open until 24 February 2025

Digital health economics

Guest Editors:
Carlo Federici, PhD, SDA Bocconi University, Italy
Páll Jónsson, PhD, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, UK

Submission Status: Open until 29 January 2025

Digital health supporting caregivers

Guest Editors:
Kerstin Denecke, Dr. rer. nat., Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Elia Gabarron, PhD, Østfold University College, Norway
Octavio Rivera, PhD, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Submission Status: Open until 20 December 2024

The metaverse and its applications in healthcare

Guest Editors:
Giacinto Barresi: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy
Carlo Massaroni: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Italy

Submission Status: Open until 12 December 2024

Digital therapeutics

Guest Editors:
Haleh Ayatollahi: Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Agata Blasiak: National University of Singapore, Singapore
Tejal Lathia: The Hormone and Bone Centre Navi Mumbai, India

Submission Status: Open until 5 December 2024

Big data in digital healthcare

Guest Editors:
Andrew D. Boyd, MD, University of Illinois Chicago, United States
Mariusz Duplaga, MD, PhD, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland

Submission Status: Open until 26 November 2024

Digital gaming and health

Guest Editors:
Niko Männikkö, PhD, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Umair Rehman, PhD, MASc, Western University, Canada

Submission Status: Open until 23 September 2024

How robotics is transforming healthcare

Guest Editors:
Olivier Lambercy, PhD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Mohammad Habibur Rahman, PhD, P. Eng., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Submission Status: Open until 22 November 2024

Digital health data privacy, security and trust

Guest Editors:
Nariman Ammar: Illinois State University, USA
Le Sun: Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China

Submission Status: Open until 28 October 2024

The role of digital health in supporting people with dementia

Guest Editors:
Sayeh Bayat, PhD, University of Calgary, Canada
Alexandra König, PhD, University Côte d’Azur, France

Submission Status: Open until 6 September 2024


Health promotion in the era of social media and digital communication

Guest Editors:
Lorien C. Abroms: George Washington University, USA
William Douglas Evans: George Washington University, USA
Zhe He: Florida State University, USA


Digital technology and the future of mental health treatment

Guest Editors:
Anna PriceUniversity of Exeter Medical School, United Kingdom
Alastair van Heerden: Human Sciences Research Council & University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


The person-centric approach to digital healthcare

Guest Editors:
Elia Gabarron: Østfold University College, Norway
Octavio Rivera Romero: Universidad de Sevilla, Spain


Virtual reality in healthcare

Guest Editor:
Philippe J. Giabbanelli: Miami University, USA

Translational research on assistive technology for persons with disabilities

Guest Editors:
Ahmed Morsy: Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
Aliaa Rehan Youssef: Faculties of Engineering and Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt



Guest Editors:
Bassey Ebenso: University of Leeds, UK
Hao Xue: Stanford University, USA

The Impact of IoT on digital health

Guest Editors:
José Alberto Benítez-Andrades: University of León, Spain
Alessia Paglialonga: National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Italy

Wearable biosensors

Guest Editor:
Alison Cuff: BioMed Central, Germany

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