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  1. One in three adults over the age of 65 and one in two adults over the age of 80 will experience a fall a year. Falls account for a considerable cost burden for the National Health Services. Preventing falls in...

    Authors: Rafaela Neiva Ganga, Deborah Fitzsimmons, Grahame Smith and Ali Mustafa
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:49
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the development and application of telemonitoring, enabling health care providers to continue to provide medical care. Telemonitoring oftentimes replaced face-to-face health c...

    Authors: Ineke Bolt, Jona Specker and Maartje Schermer
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:47
  3. Addressing cognitive behavioral factors is associated with a favorable development of eating styles (i.e., increased levels of restrained eating, decreased levels of external and emotional eating) in individua...

    Authors: Caroline Seiferth, Tanja Färber, Magdalena Pape, Natalie Schoemann, Anna Dieberger, Stefanie Schroeder, Stephan Herpertz, Jörg Wolstein and Sabine Steins-Loeber
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:46
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented need for accessible health care services and significantly accelerated the development processes of telehealth tools for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) early s...

    Authors: Zenghui Ma, Yan Jin, Ruoying He, Qinyi Liu, Xing Su, Jialu Chen, Disha Xu, Jianhong Cheng, Tiantian Zheng, Yanqing Guo, Xue Li and Jing Liu
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:44
  5. Biotechnological syndromes refer to the illnesses that arise at the intersection of human physiology and digital technology. Now that we experience health and illness through so much technology (e.g. wearables...

    Authors: Isabel Straw, Geraint Rees and Parashkev Nachev
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:41
  6. This quasi-experimental study aimed to compare the effectiveness of a digital prevention intervention on work ability, physical health, and mental health with a conventional prevention program for employees wi...

    Authors: Detlef Schmidt, Julian Fritsch, Katharina Feil, Susanne Weyland and Darko Jekauc
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:39
  7. Heart rate variability biofeedback (HRV-BF) can be used for stress management. Recent feasibility studies suggest that delivering HRV-BF in virtual reality (VR) is associated with better user experience (UX) a...

    Authors: Jasmine I. Kerr, Raphael P. Weibel, Mara Naegelin, Andrea Ferrario, Victor R. Schinazi, Roberto La Marca, Christoph Hoelscher, Urs M. Nater and Florian von Wangenheim
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:42
  8. Current health care demonstrates an insufficient provision and utilization of physical exercises despite their recommendation as a first-line treatment in clinical guidelines for patients with knee osteoarthri...

    Authors: Valerie Dieter, Peter Martus, Pia Janssen and Inga Krauss
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:43
  9. In this study, we aimed to describe patient characteristics and medication adherence among medication access mobile application users and nonusers.

    Authors: Ghadah Assiri, Dalal Alabdulkarim, Asrar Alanazi, Sarah Altamimi, Nadin Lafi Alanazi and Wael Khawagi
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:38
  10. Digital decision aids are becoming increasingly common in many areas of healthcare. These aids are designed to involve patients in medical decision making, with the aim of improving patient outcomes while decr...

    Authors: Summer Mengelkoch, Matthew Espinosa, Stephen A. Butler, Laura Joigneau Prieto, Emma Russell, Chris Ramshaw, Shardi Nahavandi and Sarah E. Hill
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:36
  11. Social determinants of health are non-medical factors that influence health outcomes (SDOH). There is a wealth of SDOH information available in electronic health records, clinical reports, and social media dat...

    Authors: Shaina Raza, Elham Dolatabadi, Nancy Ondrusek, Laura Rosella and Brian Schwartz
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:35
  12. Digital interventions are typically evaluated by their effectiveness and engagement, while the characteristics of patients who perceive them to be attractive have remained poorly understood. This challenges us...

    Authors: Lauri Lukka, Antti Salonen, Maria Vesterinen, Veli-Matti Karhulahti, Satu Palva and J. Matias Palva
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:37
  13. Impairments in social cognition are common after traumatic brain injury (TBI) and may have severe negative consequences for patients and their families. Most tests of social cognition have limited ecological v...

    Authors: M Matre, T Johansen, A Olsen, S Tornås, AC Martinsen, A Lund, F Becker, C Brunborg, J Spikman, J Ponsford, D Neumann, S McDonald and M Løvstad
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:34
  14. Virtual patient-to-provider messaging systems such as text messaging have the potential to improve healthcare access; however, little research has used theory to understand the barriers and facilitators impact...

    Authors: Megan M. MacPherson and Shabana Kapadia
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:33
  15. Health professionals are at risk of poor mental health outcomes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Essential Network (TEN) is a blended care mental health support service for Australian health professionals, fu...

    Authors: M. J. Coleshill, D. Alagirisamy, S. Patki, M. Ronksley, M. J. Black, S. Yu, M. Phillips, J. M. Newby, N. Cockayne, J. Tennant, S. B. Harvey, H. Christensen and P. A. Baldwin
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:31
  16. Sexual health is fundamental to the overall health and wellbeing of individuals and to the social and economic development of communities and countries. However, internationally young people endure a dispropor...

    Authors: Clare Bennett, Massirfufulay Kpehe Musa, Judith Carrier, Deborah Edwards, Elizabeth Gillen, Anna Sydor, Catherine Dunn, Kaye Jones-Mahoney, Alex Nute and Daniel Kelly
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:30
  17. Substance use, including the non-medical use of prescription medications, is a global health problem resulting in hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths and other health problems. Social media has emerged as...

    Authors: Shaina Raza, Brian Schwartz, Sahithi Lakamana, Yao Ge and Abeed Sarker
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:29
  18. This paper explores the extent to which the implementation and evaluation of a collaborative care model of face-to-face service delivery for people with severe mental illness was viable during the first UK loc...

    Authors: Julia Frost, Charley Hobson-Merrett, Linda Gask, Michael Clark, Vanessa Pinfold, Humera Plappert, Siobhan Reilly, John Gibson, Deborah Richards, Rebecca Denyer and Richard Byng
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:28
  19. Online infodemics have represented a major obstacle to the offline success of public health interventions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Offline contexts have likewise fueled public susceptibility to online inf...

    Authors: Joshua Uyheng, Dawn C. Robertson and Kathleen M. Carley
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:27
  20. The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns accelerated the uptake of remote services, however, the integration of teleaudiology into regular clinical practice has been slow, with audiologists reporting...

    Authors: Nicky Chong-White, Paola Incerti, Marisa Poulos and Joseph Tagudin
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:24
  21. Considering the high frequency of respiratory infections among children in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), the World Health Organization (WHO) developed a pragmatic guideline for managing pneumonia i...

    Authors: Taufique Joarder, Samiun Nazrin Bente Kamal Tune, ASMD Ashraful Islam, Arifa Islam, Arunangshu Dutta Roy, Eric D. McCollum, Harish Nair, Steven Cunningham, Ian Mitra McLane, Mohammod Shahidullah, Abdullah H. Baqui and Salahuddin Ahmed
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:26
  22. Evidence shows that mindfulness-based programs reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Yet, web-based mindfulness has been less studied, especially among university students. We developed a student-c...

    Authors: Farah Ahmad, Christo El Morr and Paul Ritvo
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:22
  23. Physical therapy services delivered remotely are becoming more common. The purpose was to summarize the acceptability and patient-centeredness of remotely delivered physical therapy.

    Authors: Daniel I. Rhon, Danielle N. Anderson, Lisa N. Konitzer, Bryan B. Pickens, Eliza B. Szymanek, Rachel J. Mayhew, Mary C. Laugesen and Tina A. Greenlee
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:21
  24. In Uganda, limited healthcare access has created a significant burden for patients living with heart failure. With the increasing use of mobile phones, digital health tools could offer an accessible platform f...

    Authors: Sahr Wali, Isaac Ssinabulya, Cinderella Ngonzi Muhangi, Jenipher Kamarembo, Jenifer Atala, Martha Nabadda, Franklin Odong, Ann R. Akiteng, Heather Ross, Angela Mashford-Pringle, Joseph A. Cafazzo and Jeremy I. Schwartz
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:20
  25. The Austria-Slovenian project REHA2030, with a broad spectrum of expertise, was focused on making the process of telerehabilitation (TR) possible as valuable user-centred post-clinical rehabilitation of stroke...

    Authors: Sascha H. Fink, Jitka Bonková Sýkorová, Lukas Wohofsky and Daniela Krainer
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:19
  26. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a common cause of disability and reduced quality of life, and the burden of MSDs is a global concern. To tackle the projected increase in the burden of MSDs digital technol...

    Authors: Henrik Gudbergsen
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:18
  27. There has been a rapid evolution of wearable technologies such as wearable fitness devices (WFDs) in recent years globally. The continuous release of upgraded WFDs with diverse qualities presents new opportuni...

    Authors: Johnson Kwakye Worlanyo, Caleb Adams, Benjamin Oluwole Adedugbe, Ose-Lovet Osita Lokoyi and Monday Omoniyi Moses
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:17
  28. Virtual reality (VR) offers an immersive and practical method for training medical skills, especially in emergency healthcare settings. However, it is unclear whether learning in VR will translate into real-wo...

    Authors: Tom Arthur, Tilly Loveland-Perkins, Charlotte Williams, David Harris, Mark Wilson, Toby de Burgh, Jagtar Dhanda and Sam Vine
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:16
  29. While artificial intelligence (AI) is being adapted for various life domains and applications related to medicine and healthcare, the use of AI in nursing practice is still scarce. The German Ministry for Educ...

    Authors: Kathrin Seibert, Dominik Domhoff, Daniel Fürstenau, Felix Biessmann, Matthias Schulte-Althoff and Karin Wolf-Ostermann
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:13
  30. Physiotherapeutic telerehabilitation in various musculoskeletal and internal diseases, including back pain, might be comparable to face-to-face rehabilitation or better than non-rehabilitation. In Germany, a s...

    Authors: Richard Albers, Stella Lemke, Sebastian Knapp, Gert Krischak and Matthias Bethge
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:15
  31. Opioid use disorder is associated with a huge burden of disease and treatment gap. Delivery of psychosocial treatment using digital platforms can bridge the treatment gap to improve treatment access among indi...

    Authors: Sarah Kanana Kiburi, Edith Kamaru Kwobah, Saeeda Paruk and Bonginkosi Chiliza
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:14
  32. Obstetric referrals thrive on rapid transfer of information and data, and effective communication in order to reduce delays in receiving of quality care once the woman reaches the facility. We explored health ...

    Authors: Veronica Millicent Dzomeku, Adwoa Bemah Boamah Mensah, Emmanuel Kweku Nakua, Pascal Agbadi, Joshua Okyere, Alex Kumah, Jacob Munukpa, Anthony Adofo Ofosu, Nancy Lockhart and Jody R. Lori
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:11
  33. Approximately 3-8% of all newborns do not breathe spontaneously at birth, and require time critical resuscitation. Resuscitation guidelines are mostly based on best practice, and more research on newborn resuc...

    Authors: Kjersti Engan, Øyvind Meinich-Bache, Sara Brunner, Helge Myklebust, Chunming Rong, Jorge García-Torres, Hege L. Ersdal, Anders Johannessen, Hanne Markhus Pike and Siren Rettedal
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:10
  34. In the Philippines, various mobile health apps were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic with very little knowledge in terms of their quality. The aims of this paper were 1) to systemically search for mobi...

    Authors: Aldren Gonzales, Razel Custodio, Marie Carmela Lapitan and Mary Ann Ladia
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:8
  35. Mobile health interventions can potentially enhance public–private linkage for tuberculosis care. However, evidence about their acceptability and feasibility is lacking. This study sought to assess the initial...

    Authors: Wilson Tumuhimbise, Daniel Atwine, Fred Kaggwa and Angella Musiimenta
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:9
  36. Early detection of age-related cognitive decline has transformative potential to advance the scientific understanding of cognitive impairments and possible treatments by identifying relevant participants for c...

    Authors: Zhe He, Michael Dieciuc, Dawn Carr, Shayok Chakraborty, Ankita Singh, Ibukun E. Fowe, Shenghao Zhang, Mia Liza A. Lustria, Antonio Terracciano, Neil Charness and Walter R. Boot
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:7
  37. COVID-19 mortality prediction

    Authors: Thomas Wetere Tulu, Tsz Kin Wan, Ching Long Chan, Chun Hei Wu, Peter Yat Ming Woo, Cee Zhung Steven Tseng, Asmir Vodencarevic, Cristina Menni and Kei Hang Katie Chan
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:6

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Digital Health 2023 1:40

  38. Compassion is central to achieving positive clinical outcomes, commonly studied as a concept that enhances therapeutic alliance between patients and clinicians. Within mental health care, compassion may be enh...

    Authors: Hwayeon Danielle Shin, Keri Durocher, Brian Lo, Sheng Chen, Clement Ma, David Wiljer and Gillian Strudwick
    Citation: BMC Digital Health 2023 1:1

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